Web Media Ventures
 Venture Capital Fund


Web Media Ventures supports entrepreneurs with capital and resources at the pre-seed,
seed, start-up, and early stages of their business. Since the Fund focuses exclusively
on Europe and its surrounding regions, we have better knowledge of nearby activity, allowing us
to channel the best supporting resources to portfolio companies. Proximity also facilitates
developing strong relationships with entrepreneurs.
Investment profile

Web Media Ventures invests in entrepreneurial teams building defensible, market-leading
companies. The fund is an active investor, providing from $100K to $10 million of capital over
the course of a company's development. We have a preference to lead investments, typically
in companies seeking $1-10 million of capital to achieve profitable, sustainable growth.
The fund is a patient investor with a two to five year horizon and an understanding that building
industry leaders with long-term value takes time.


Web Media Ventures finances teams with the ability to visualize and implement new ideas
and the passion to build companies that will make a difference.

Large growing markets

Companies must serve the needs of a large set of customers willing to pay for solutions to real
problems. The product or service must reach customers in a cost-effective way.

Unique advantage

Web Media Ventures invests in companies that have a competitive advantage including one or
more of the following elements: unique intellectual property, key customer and/or channel
relationships, superior cost structure, an experienced team that may have successfully worked
together in the past, financiable contracts, or first mover advantage.

Capital, time, returns 

We seek investment returns of 50+% compounded annually over a two to five year period,
equating to an expected return of approximately to a $10 return on each $1 invested. 


We are interested in cooperation in additional financing, project research and due diligence.

Web Media Ventures